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With more than 4 years of experience at the Central Bank of Cyprus where he obtained hands-on experience with real-life economics, Dr Nektarios Michail is a supporter of a balanced approach between science and art when it comes to trading opportunities across various asset types.

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FX News Today Asian equities initially rallied after Fed minutes promised patience on further policy action but most have moved down from earlier highs. ...

UK Employment Data Push Sterling Higher

Continued improvement for UK employment has a positive effect on Sterling while CAD declines as a result of a drop in Oil prices. Click here to access...

Dollar Drops, Yen dovish, Commodities Rise

Dollar drops as US States oppose Trump declaration of emergency, BoJ says no rate hikes, while Oil and Gold rise. Click here to access the Economic Calendar Dr...

Wolfe Wave Sets NZDCHF ETA Tonight

As discussed in our latest webinar, Wolfe Waves are a 5-wave pattern which shows supply and demand as price moves towards an equilibrium. In...

EURUSD Consolidation Ahead?

On a day of very few events, the Euro has been gaining significantly against the Dollar, which recently saw the near inversion of another...

Macro Events & News

FX News Today Japanese bond yields increased, outperforming against most other bonds in Asia as stock markets rallied. Trade optimism, improving credit data out...


Macro Events & News

USD sinks as CAD spikes

Macro Events & News

USA500 – The Bid Goes On

Mixed Footing for Sterling