Bitcoin: Is it a real comeback?

Bitcoin spiked to $7,143 on open, breaking the $7,000 barrier and reaching 8-month highs. Other cryptocurrencies saw a similar price action. This has been...

Bitcoin’s Future: Is There Any Value?

Any discussion on Bitcoin, and any Cryptocurrency in general, always boils down to two things: why Bitcoin is good and what determines Bitcoin's value. To...

Bitcoin plummets below year’s floor – has the bubble burst?

Bitcoin, Daily and Weekly Is Bitcoin in for a roller-coaster ride? Last November, Bitcoin had a remarkable spike from $5,650.00 area up to $11,482.00 that would...

The Economics of Cryptocurrencies

In 2008, a person nicknamed "Satoshi Nakamoto" took the world by surprise, publishing a paper which described how a decentralised electronic cash system, which...

Bitcoin sinks below $6,000 – What’s next?

Bitcoin, Weekly and Daily The Turkey crisis continues to weigh on sentiment amid the ongoing stand-off between Ankara and Washington and as Turkey's central bank...


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