Bitcoin: Is it a real comeback?

Bitcoin spiked to $7,143 on open, breaking the $7,000 barrier and reaching 8-month highs. Other cryptocurrencies saw a similar price action. This has been...

Bitcoin plummets below year’s floor – has the bubble burst?

Bitcoin, Daily and Weekly Is Bitcoin in for a roller-coaster ride? Last November, Bitcoin had a remarkable spike from $5,650.00 area up to $11,482.00 that would...

How Do Cryptocurrencies Affect Each Other?

While my discussion in The Economics of Cryptocurrencies mainly focused on Bitcoin, it is actually far more generic, given that many other cryptocurrencies share...

CryptoEconomics Redux: What’s up with Ripple?

Ripple (XPR) appears to be the first coin to have escaped the close relationship with Bitcoin. While the crypto leader continues its slow descending...

The Economics of Cryptocurrencies

In 2008, a person nicknamed "Satoshi Nakamoto" took the world by surprise, publishing a paper which described how a decentralised electronic cash system, which...

Bitcoin sinks below $6,000 – What’s next?

Bitcoin, Weekly and Daily The Turkey crisis continues to weigh on sentiment amid the ongoing stand-off between Ankara and Washington and as Turkey's central bank...


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