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Data have backed ECB’s easing package

The data releases of the Eurozone since last week are backing the ECB's decision to ease policy again, even if the move to add...

FX Action | 17 September

Risk aversion continues to support Bond markets and stopped the rise in global stock markets after a bullish start to the month. Equities traded...

Risk appetite remains the key!

US Equities are rallying, bolstered by the news that China will refrain from retaliating to new US tariffs. JPY and Gold turned lower, while...

China vs US

Three reasons why China may be confident in going toe-to-toe with Trump. Beijing would have the high ground in any currency war. The evidence...

Market Overview | 02 August

It was another volatile day in the markets after Wednesday's post FOMC gyrations. Stocks sold off in Asia overnight,with the Australian 10-year rate dropping...

FOMC: NOT a “lengthy cutting cycle”

The FOMC cut rates a quarter point, as was well telegraphed by the Fed over the last month, and as was fully anticipated by...


Where is Bitcoin Headed?

Swiss GDP beats expectations

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