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US Equities softer but remain robust

USA500, H1 & Daily US equities are mildly lower amid a bout of risk aversion that has come amid rising tensions between India and Pakistan...

Natural Gas and Oil Prices: Trading the Spread

Natural Gas and Crude Oil are mainly used for the same purposes, that is, as transportation fuels, as raw materials for the production of...

USD Weakens ahead of FOMC Minutes

The USD lost ground, particularly to the Yuan, Sterling and other Asian currencies after a Bloomberg report yesterday suggested that the U.S. is set...

Trading the UKOIL-USOIL Spread

Both UKOIL and USOIL are important in the energy sector, as they reflect the two most important types of Oil: UKOIL refers to the...

USD and US Equities Remain Bid

The USD remains strong today along with US equities, as they rebound into the green after a fresh batch of earnings reports buoyed sentiment. Stuart Cowell Head...

Oil has reversed 38.2% of its Q4 losses

WTI crude got a boost from the strong US Jobs report, which was accompanied by several other upbeat reports. The jobs report has alleviated some of...


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Mixed Footing for Sterling